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Expat Real Estate Agent Eindhoven / Veldhoven.

That is why Kennis Makelaardij!

Are you working in Veldhoven or Eindhoven and you want to buy a house?

Thanks to her broad experience and extensive contacts with the business world, Kennis Makelaardij has been guiding many expats to a suitable home for years. For people from abroad, the Dutch housing market, its rules and customs can be a maze. Kennis Makelaardij is the best broker in the region to guide you as an expat in the local housing market and guide you to your dream home. We only work for you and nobody else!

Personal contact:
Kennis Makelaardij is known for the extremely personal way of working. Whether it concerns our real estate agents or our office staff, clients quickly have the right click with our enthusiastic team. A deal is a deal, the lines are short and there is always someone there to help you! 

Fast and professional approach:
We can always make an appointment with you in the short term. An interview for the purchase of your dream home, planning a purchase visit, taking care of a valuation: our employees are quickly and well prepared on the spot.
Powerful negotiators:
As a buyer, you want to purchase your new home at the conditions that are most favorable to you. The real estate agents of Kennis Makelaardij are very experienced negotiators, who prove time and time again to pull the right price, acceptance period and additional conditions out of the fire for their clients.
The right partners:
In order to arrive at the most optimal assessment of a house to be purchased, we work together with reliable partners in the field of building technical inspections and financial advice. They also use a professional and personal approach.

So if you, as a foreign buyer, are looking for that one house, call us or send us a message via email or Facebook.

Contact us at our office: 040 - 2531260 or send us an e-mail info@kennismakelaardij.nl. Would you like us to call you? Please fill in the contactform below.
Looking forward hearing from you!

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